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Here. Now. Listen.

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Featuring The Voices Of:

Bullyheart_THE DETECTIVE_74-01.tif
Bullyheart_THE FANTASIST_77_02.tif
Bullyheart_THE SERIAL KILLER_74-03.tif
Bullyheart_THE ABUSED74-04.tif
Bullyheart_THE VICTIM_74-05.tif
Bullyheart_THE SCHOOL SHOOTER_74-06.tif
Bullyheart_THE SUICIDE SURVIVOR_74-07.tif
Bullyheart_THE GHOST_74-08.tif
Bullyheart_THE HITMAN_74-09.tif
Bullyheart_THE MEDIUM_74-10.tif
Bullyheart_THE ARTIST_74-11.tif
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